Inspiring Office Interior Concept from Google Office in Russia

Here I happened to have unique office interior photos. Actually these come from Google office in Russia. This magnificent and playful office concept was designed by Swiss firm, Camenzind Evolution. Google office has been known for its geek yet stylish, futuristic and trendy with playful color and interesting finishes.

The first picture is the front office area with modern lighting concept, rustic ceilings and exposed brick walls and even brick tables. The next picture is the lounge which devoted for break time. The lounge area is rather chic and joyful with wooden tiles floor, white counter, metallic pipes ceilings.

Apart from the unique ceiling design, there is mesmerizing vibrant accent in the furniture set. With floor to ceiling glass windows, this area is basically bright and the dark tones curtains is just add more dramatic appeal. Google office interior design is far away from ordinary and boring appeal.

The next picture is the meeting room complete with the white board as the main focal point. This area decorated with vintage ceiling lighting, futuristic sofa with yellow mustard color, patterned throw-pillow, textured rug and playful back walls.

The next picture is the other meeting room with different appeal. A light brown minimalist sofa combined with crafty wooden table and fake feather rugs in various color is just impeccable. Not to mention the energetic wall paper design with joyful pattern.

The whole idea about Google office design is just always inspiring and energizing in every corner. If you would like to see something calmer, look at the next picture with striped wall paper, striped colorful rug and white sofa set. The standing lamp is stunningly beautiful accompanying the employer during their busy time.

There is still a lot of office design here that’s really captivating. From the under the tree concept with red sofa and attractive lighting items, more natural charm with leaves rug and mushroom table and mushroom wall paper. The office tends to have generous space with playful accent.

The next picture is the pantry design with refreshing yellow lime color, comfy seat and city skyline. Basically, the office interior design concept is to be brave combining different playful color with outstanding imaginary themes.

Image By : Camenzind Evolution

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