Inspiring Private House Design in a Hilly Area of Mexico

Nestled on a hilly area, this residence should retain the private house design as the location is very near to the golf field. The design of the MCC House is actually very simple adopting the modern lifestyle combined with the beautiful landscaping. This project which is designed by Seijo Peon Arquitectos is finished in 2010 is located in a suburb area of Yucatan, Mexico. The perfect environment which is surrounding the house has become the prestigious commodity which should be enjoyable from the inside.

The concept of privacy in the middle of beautiful environment is slightly complex indeed. The design should hide the privacy of the interior but still open for the wonderful view of the grass dune. This complexity has led the private house interior design to follow such a strict rule.

The solution of this demand can be seen on the building facade. The mysterious shape which does not allow a single light to breaches the windows has improved the privacy of this house. The rigid shape of the cubical house also hides something from the unintended eyes.

In accordance with the beautiful environment, the house gets some strategies. The house platform which is raised from the left side of the house has given a shade to the glass windows beneath this platform. There is also a nice swimming pool which adds some elegant view to this beautifully designed house.

Coming inside of this building, the rigid and strict design is reversed. The room with warm tone and comfortable furniture is decorating the social area of this house. The wooden cladding for the ceiling and some parts of the wall has also enriched the elegant house interior.

From the family room, you will be spoiled with the juicy view of the swimming pool. The glass wall which is installed on this family room also provides you with fresh and green view of the hilly grass area outside the house. However, the house interior design ideas are also great in the way they mix and match the suitable furniture which will suit the house best.

Image By : Seijo Peon Arquitectos

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