Inspiring Scandinavian Apartment through Its Interior Design

A Scandinavian apartment with beautiful apartment design in Gothenburg, Sweden is so amazing. The facade of the apartment building is so fascinating through classy apartment design with brick color scheme that will make people in love with it.

On the street in front of this modern apartment are parked some cars. This lovely apartment building has some apartment units that have individual porches on each of them. The porches are designed using the same design yet decorated with different decorations.

The one that we are going to discuss is belong to the apartment that we are going further in this article about the apartment interior design. A porch with white concrete floor and some white furniture made of painted white wood materials is so stylish on its height. With beautiful neighborhood scenery, this adorable porch is so suitable for tea time in the afternoon or evening. This admiring porch quite representatives the Scandinavian apartment interior design that we are going to discuss next.

The bright apartment interior design becomes the main concept of the interior design applied on this apartment. The wall is painted with bright white paint. The ceiling of the apartment’s rooms is also painted in bright white. The white ceiling and wall are so suitable for the glossy parquet floor.

A lovely living room consists of white sectional sofas and grey wooden coffee table on a striped rug is so stylish lies close to the windows. Some wall paintings and arts are mounted on the wall of this living room for the decorations. An arch lamp is placed close to the white sectional sofas for reading session during the night.

A door that we can reach from this living room will bring us to the dining room with modern kitchenette. The dining table set consists of white table and white chairs. The kitchenette is dominated with orange surface of the kitchen cabinets and storage. The Scandinavian apartment design ideas brought by this stunning apartment are so inspiring.

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