Inspiring Small Apartment Design to Utilize More Space

To utilize more space in limited living space such as the small apartment can be done in many ways. One of tips in making more space is by arrange the furniture efficiently. Now, we will observe about the design of small house that was done by a creative architect which is Specht Harpman. He created the Manhattan Micro-Loft apartment so that the residents got more area in the house.

The small apartment renovations were happened in Manhattan, New York City, USA. The living room is decorated using the L-shaped of grey sofa. Under this sofa there is furry carpet in white color. Brick wall at the back of the sofa is painted in white too.

At the other side of the room, there is kitchen with white and minty color. The minty color makes the kitchen looks bright. Flower decoration also creates fresh atmosphere here. The flooring of this living room and kitchen are decorated in dark color of wooden parquet materials.

As we get into the second floor, we will be led by the wooden staircase with pathways that have the same material as the ground flooring. This staircase has a steel railing that makes stylish accent. At the second floor, we will find a bedroom near the corner of the staircase. This bed is utilizing more space here. This can also be our inspirations in designing room. The bed has dark brown color. There is also small window near it and a wooden chair.

Staircase continues into the higher floor. Through this second staircase, we will reach the top of the apartment which is the open space that can be built as a balcony too. If you are the owner of this apartment, you can choose whether to design it using the green grass or build a balcony with chairs and fences. These small apartment renovation ideas are really inspiring and easy to be applied in your apartment plans.

Image By : Micro-Loft

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