Instant Spray on Clothing that Gives Cloth in a Can

The need to have a practicality in this era has created a spray on clothing which is now available. All the user has to do is just spray the special clothing material to the body by using a spray gun. This kind of clothes will give people a practical cloth that will fit their own body since the fabric will automatically stick to the body. This cloth that comes from the spray on is appropriate to be used by both of male and female user.

The brilliant mind behind all of this invention is Manel Tores who is a fashion designer from Spain. He has invented this new sophisticated technology with the help of the research conducted by a Paul Luckham, who is a particle engineer. They have created a technology more than a spray on clothing dye but they really spray the fabric. The material of this kind of cloth is made from polymers which are mixed with special fibers so that the researchers also have created an elastic fabric that has a feature of durability.

The clothing can be modified into more than a t-shirt that fits with the body. This spray is also able to create a gown for a woman. The spray technique can be modified to make a beautiful gown. This new tend has created a new kind of making clothes for the fashion designer across the world. Even this kind of clothing technique has generated a fashion show that all of the designers use this instant clothing.

Just by using an aerosol gun we can get our cloth ready in a minute. This new technology follows the hype of canning product. We already have a food in a can, beverages in a can, and now we can welcome this cloth in a can. The spray on clothing buy us some time to instantly pick our cloth and use it with its practicality.

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