Interesting Farmhouse Design With Wood Material

Having a farmhouse can be very comfortable when you are living in a village. The traditional look and calm atmosphere made the farmhouse design becomes more and more famous. Many people are trying to change their village house to be a comfortable farmhouse. With the awesome village view, you can spend your free time in comfort. Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc has some experiences in making the fascinating design for a farmhouse.

Ridgeside Vineyard Farmhouse is one of the houses which used the fascinating design from this company. In this farmhouse design style, you will see many fascinating points which will make you feel amazed. White wall and black roof is used on the exterior. Many white framed windows are installed around the house. A large yard and some green trees make this house more natural. In the front patio, you will see some white rocking chairs with white table beside it.

Inside the house, you can see a cozy warm living room. Brown sofas are placed in this space. Grey fireplace is also available in this living room. Wooden table is placed in the center of the living room. Antique standing clock is placed near the wall. A comfortable red chair is also placed here. Red carpet is covering the hardwood floor under the furniture. On the kitchen, you will see many wooden shelves and cabinets. A long wooden kitchen island is also available in the kitchen.

Some white lamps are hanged above the island. On the corner, there is a small dining space which is located near the glass windows. With L-shaped Bay seats window, this space is very awesome. Some custom chairs are also available on the dining space. A rounded table is placed between the chairs. A classic chandelier is hanged above the table. This comfortable custom farmhouse design style will be suitable for the old people.

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