Lavish Penthouse Designs in Very Lavish Style

JAM Architects has brilliantly formed impressive penthouse design for a penthouse called Coppin Penthouse in Victoria, Australia. The design produces a very lavish, deluxe and gorgeous ambiance, and along with wondrous city landscape then the owner will get the best living experience.

For the grand accent, black emerges in a very first place and it spreads all over the place. Along with little touch of white, the elegant atmosphere is very dominant and become more authentic with those deluxe furniture as the main accessories.

In general black appears as the main vibe, for instance through those very sturdy ceilings, gorgeous cement floors, sharp window frames, comfy sofas and chairs, cabinets, kitchen counter top, and even glass features. This residence also successfully shows one of the most alluring penthouse interior design ideas through its arrangement for each room.

There are a gorgeous living room with a breezy terrace and glass facades, then a lavish and trendy dinning area along with one chic and sophisticated kitchen. Not to forget about a refreshing swimming pool in the terrace, which undoubtedly will give a new excitement for the owner since they could swim and enjoying a wonderful scenery of Victoria as well.

Moreover for the ceilings, white appears as the main hue. Those simple white ceilings, along with elegant lamps undoubtedly enhance the attractiveness of this residence. Further ahead, the design of kitchen appears as one of the most stunning element, since it has a dynamic glass walls for the counter top and also a chic metallic wine display cabinet.

Overall, this penthouse really demonstrate first class ambiance with a very lavish design. For those who adore deluxe decoration and still search an inspiration about elegant design, particularly in black and white accent, could make this penthouse interior design as a reference. Because it amazingly demonstrates the best figure of modern design, thus it will eventually become one of the most promising and inspiring decorating ideas for penthouses with contemporary style.

Image By : JAM Architects

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