Lavish Seafront House With Refreshing Atlantic Ocean View

Having a luxurious seafront house can be the icon which shows someone wealth. This saying is likely applied in a recreation house by the Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects in the collaboration with OKHA Interior. The collaboration has successfully created a wonderful architecture which combines the modern design with a slight of natural touch.

The modernity is shown by the building shapes which apply bold and overt details. Meanwhile, the natural touch is provided by the exposed walls which front the Atlantic Ocean view and green courtyard with fresh vegetation.

The master plan of this building is a contemporary house in a slope area which fronts the limitless Atlantic view. This plan is then realized into a modern seafront house with contemporary architecture. The combination of concrete and glass wall looks very luxurious and magnificent in this sloping lot. This design also creates a connection to the other building which was built before the house.

When you come to the interior, you will be surprised with its glorious design. The open air room on the third floor is the most amazing part. The limitless Atlantic view has become the special commodity which is offered on this floor. This panoramic view can be enjoyed as you rest on this comfortable area.

The function of this floor is as the living room and lounge. As its function, you will find a number of comfortable luxurious sofas. There is a cantilever swimming pool on this floor. The blue tone of the pool’s wall can create the integration with the view of Atlantic Ocean. This ideas is very refreshing the eyes as well as the mind since you will never find any boundary limiting your sight.

Another addition which makes the third floor special is the backyard garden. The open air room which fronts the blue Atlantic view is interconnected with the green garden by the breezeway floor which has a lot of luxurious decoration. This concept of modern beach house designs is very amazing since it can create the real relaxation and refreshment with its heavenly design.

Image By : SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects

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