Lively Apartment Interior Design with Bright Hidden Lighting

We are going to study further regarding the apartment interior design. This is quite exceptional since the architects tried to have different feature. They wanted to make the room looks stand out by glowing wall. Such brilliant ideas come from NSWW.

They have applied it for the Sea Towers apartment. The building itself is located in Gdynia, Poland. Placing lighting on hidden place would not only bring beautiful accent, but also to save space due to the limited area provided within the apartment.

Let’s start observing at the living room. It has a large room divider with curvy accent. The divider has white color. Meanwhile, the fireplace and telly cabinets have shiny black color. Behind the cabinets, there is a hidden fluorescent lamp.

It makes the cabinet glows and looks more luxurious. It can also be found on the lower part of the room divider. The seating area in this apartment interior design ideas, however, is comprised of a white couch as complemented with round coffee table.

Since the apartment does not have much space, the architects have to merge living, dining, and kitchen in one place only. For the theme, it has been decided that the clients want to have all white furniture. Therefore, the kitchen furniture is placed along the wall. It is accompanied with hanging lamps as well as ceiling integrated lamps. The dining table, however, has a transparent surface. It is surrounded by four dining chairs.

Let’s move to the study room. There is a chalk wall placed on one part of its wall. In front of it, we can find a low seating surface with white color. It is complemented with end tables which has glass surface. There are two desks in this particular room. Above the desks, we can find a wall mounted surface serving as bookshelf and room decoration. The lamp is hidden behind this surface. Such apartment interior design ideas pictures also show us a tiny yet stunning bathroom.

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