Lively Colorful House Creating Energetic Ambience

A full spirit and energetic ambience can be provided by a colorful house. That kind of house is also able to create a livelier house. Let’s take a look at a great model of this colorful home design well presented by Casa Seta House. This house is situated in Lima, Peru. Completed in 2012 this house is a great outcomes form Casa Seta House project that has been done by great minds of Martin Dulanto Architect.

This modern house implements a good example of colorful house exteriors. The house which is mostly made from concrete element is well mixed with the wooden pergola in large size that is placed on its rooftop. The color mixture of the white concrete and the shiny brow pergola combined together with the green color of its garden creates a harmonious view of the house exterior.

Moving inside the house, many colorful decorations packed the house along with the colorful furniture that adorns the house interior. There are so many sofas in the living room that has rustic wooden color. Although they have plain grey cushion, there are some throw pillows that have vibrant purple color. Those purple throw pillows can arouse the sense of creativity for the people in this room.

The living room connected to the kitchen area and the dining area that is also furnished with colorful furniture and decorations. The kitchen area has an open bar with glowing yellow color that enlightens the nuance of the whole room.

They are placed inside a glazed walls that let the sun comes into the room to illuminate the various texture and color of the room. The wall near the kitchen area also has wooden finishes covers with its vibrant wood color. This color helps to bring the energetic ambience in the room. All of those concepts make the colorful home exteriors and interiors design that will make your day livelier.

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