Lovely Modern Residence Design: No 210 Residence in Toronto, Canada

It is very clear that the number of modern residence creation is rapidly increasing in last few years. The simplicity and the beauty that able to be presented this modern housing style is the reason why people love to use this type of style for their creation.

There are so many stunning modern style house designs exist in many different countries and one of this lovely home creations is this No 210 Residence. This amazing modern style house design is developed by Buildall Homes Inc. in Toronto, Canada and it is indeed the house that will show wide range of design possibility in modern housing era.

The modern residence plans of this beautiful modern style house design are, actually, customary. The beauty of this nice modern style house design lies in the eclecticism that use in its interior decoration.

There are few parts of this astonishing modern style house design that will able to show you the eclectic interior setting that use in this wonderful modern style house design and one of those parts is the living room. This is an eclectic living room that supported by different type of furniture design. There is a classic style wooden framed sofa and nice modern style chair design in it.

The selection of the stool in the kitchen bar can also become the example of the eclecticism in this perfect modern style house design. This house has a white dominated kitchen design, but it uses Tosca colored stool in the kitchen bar. It seems contradictory, but that is what eclectic space setting is all about, drawing beauty through element differentiation.

The space setting of this awesome modern style house design is something that can become the picture of design range of modern style. Modern residence design in Toronto Canada is something that deserves a lot of credits from modern housing practitioners, indeed.

Image By : Buildall Homes Inc

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