Lovely Steel Kitchen with Photo Frames and Flower Decorations

When cooking at the steel kitchen, you can make the meal joyfully because this material is not easily to get stained. As its name, stainless steel can be cleaned without any effort. You just need to prepare the duster and run it all over the surface. Glencoe Residence 3 also has this kind of cabinet. This house project was designed by Handman Associates at Glencoe, Chicago. The interior is so awesome and makes everybody who stares at it amazed.

Concept of the house is the contemporary style. Room is built in bright accent in the use of white wall interior. Let’s we start from its main room. This living space consists of several room functions. There is a set of sofa at the corner intended as the living room.

Some pillows decorating the sofa creates comfortable decoration over there. Above this sofa, we will also find bookshelf attached on the wall. Steel kitchen cabinets are located at the other side of this room where the kitchen lies.

Get into the kitchen, cabinet has wide design built from the stainless steel material. There are stoves, oven, microwave, and other kitchen utensil to complete you when cooking. This cabinet is so attractive because it has many functions. Decoration is also unique shown by some photo frames. Near these frames, there are small shelves made from steel where we can put some seasoning bottles and flowers! This creates a natural accent for the entire kitchen.

Other parts of the kitchen are combined with the light blonde cabinet. Kitchen bar has the same material as this cabinet made from wood material. This design shows that steel and wood can create a good combination of modern kitchen style. Some brown stools have brown color in simple model. Dinette is located next to this bar. At the store, you can find many of steel kitchen cabinets for sale that similar to this one.

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