Lovely Wall Sconces for Your Eye-Catching Room Interior Decoration

These wall sconces are perfect for your room decoration. It has variant designs and can be great for your house. Not only has a function, but these sconces also can decorate your room. Do you want to know about these designs? Read this whole article for the detail review for your reference.

The first design has very unique design. It is made of rattan and has gecko design. It has lamp shade with leaves pattern and placed as the gecko’s head. It also has two variant shade colors. It has blue color and green color. You can choose this design to beautify your living room.

The second design has glass vase shape. It is made of glass and has the combination of warm colors; orange, red, brown, and blue. Put the bulb in the middle and look the effect of this lamp! These are the great example for wall sconces living room!

The next is the design for your bedroom. These sconces have modern design and look marvelous for your bedroom. This sconce has the combination of white and silver color. It has tube design with white color and bordered with silver line. Put this on the wall above your cozy bed and looks how fancy your room. You also can blend it with modern furniture. Put the black bedside tables or you can put a black cabinet under this lamp. What an adorable this lamp!

The last design has vintage design and suitable for your corridor. This sconce is made of black iron. It has two branches which can be a candle spot. This sconce also has many arches shape which make it looks so beautiful and stylish. Blend these sconces with brown pattern carpet or brown granite wall and look how magnificent your corridor! So, do you like contemporary wall sconces living room or modern design?

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