Luminous Luxurious Interior Protected with Starling Outer

This contemporary residence is decorated with luxurious interior that covered with futuristic home design. This two story house is designed in usual model like other modern houses. But actually it has different appearance that can make the owner feels cozy. The outdoor swimming pool is protected with glass baluster and leafy trees in other side. Creamy marble pool pavers are very good and it is not slippery.

This building is named with box house that seems to be private since the entire yard is protected very well. It is located in Sydney and it has good air and not too noise with city activities. The designer made this house glow among the similar house type.

Red roof tiles on each house near it are looks traditional and modest. It is sure that people who walks afore it will see on it spontaneously. In addition to the luxurious interior design the exterior also great with the limestone decoration on the facade. The timber material on the cladding is very stark and simple.

The garage also located on the lowest ground and adorned with concrete driveway pavers. Strong and thick wood on the exterior cladding makes this house amazing. As it said in the first time, the interior sides are wrapped successfully in the glamorous ways. The kitchen is modern with the blonde cabinet on the wall.

In other wall side the elongated white cabinet adjoined with oven and grill set. In the middle the blond dining table is equipped with white tufted armless chairs. The large wooden panel is separated the kitchen and other room beside it.

Wooden treads also completes the modern staircase design that protected with glass baluster. There is also glass door that can be used to access the outdoor space. It is decorated with white sands and some beach plants. The designer combines luxurious living interior design with glamor exterior in good ways.

Image By : Zouk Architects

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