Luxurious Cascade House Architecture with the Facilities

Glass boxes are the theme of cascade house architecture that is located in Chicago, America. From the front of the house, it can be seen rectangle glass is covered the second floor of this house. In the first floor, it is used a big glass door to give boundary between inside the house and the outside.

It is also found glass room in the right side of the house that faces to the sea. The purpose of the use of glasses in this house is to maximize the views offered by the green environment and sea near the house because this house is built the slope area near sea

Cascade house plans are needed to make the design of this house is appropriate with the first idea. It can be started from the interior design of this house. Actually, there three parts of building in this house, the garage, the main building and building to do sport activities on the left side of the house.

The large space of the first floor in the main building has function as living room and dinning room mixed in this one place. In the living room space, there is carpet covering the floor in the living room. Then, the table that is used in the dinning table is individual chair with frame that is made from wood especially walnut tree, while the table that is used is glass table with metal heels. Unique furniture is offer by this room by applying glass pendant lamp above the dinning table.

Open shelves cabinet is put in the kitchen with white table in front of it. Moreover, from the second floor it can be seen a wide space in the roof of first floor as relaxing place with family by facing the beautiful scenery of the sea. This house is also completed by swimming pool, gymnastic arena, and basket ball place. As the facilities offered this house, housing floor plans are need to be planned to fit it the function.

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