Luxurious Coastal Resort Called North Bay Residence in Miami Beach

Living at the coastal resort will make the living style to be more comfortable and pleased. The design of the resort should be in natural and attractive styles. This article will be in with a luxurious resort that is located in coastal space. It is called as North Bay Residence.

We will find this kind of resort located in Miami Beach this resort is a resort city spotted in Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA. Te architect, Touzet Studio as Miami-based architectural firm built this resort covering 12,309 square foot.

Look at the picture of this resort take the information clearer. The resort design was completed in 2008 as a contemporary house and this is colored in white color accents. Yeah, the exterior design of this house ill attract everybody sights to live there.

The building is built in two levels in which the porch reaching the building is designed in futuristic style by accomplishing some artistic architecture. The structure of this building comes with the modern creamy concrete material and glasses combination with striped shutters. This house has vast lawn surrounding with a clear swimming pool on the edge of the beach. It also comes with several lounge seats.

The interior decoration of this resort includes luxurious white nuance. As we see in the dining area, they involve the high quality furniture in the white room background. They are such as dark wooden table with some white orchid and art candle spaces with futuristic chairs in white. The kitchen is also situated as luxurious by dealing with cream counter with stainless steel countertop. They also complete the counter with some cream porcelain barstools.

We have some other ideas how this resort is. The designs and details are still following in the article based on the photos. They are really well built in the edge f the beach; the design is beautified with the building architecture and panoramic beach views. We can find the coastal vacations resort as one of the inspiration for us to get different home stay.

Image By : Touzet Studio

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