Luxurious Contemporary House in Minimalist House Design

There are many houses design using contemporary house because the house owner will getting the luxurious design of their house. The contemporary design of the house can be look at Minimum House. This house project is designed by Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten. This house design can be seen in Mellensee, Germany.

The design of this house is made in two story design. It is also built using square foot design. The design of this house is simple looking from the facade. The building of this house is also built in beautiful view of the forest. It can be seen that around of this house is available many trees.

The contemporary house design of this Minimum House can be seen from the model of this house. The model of this house is using green house concept. It can be look from the exterior material used in this house design. The material used to make green house project is using many glasses.

It is used for the windows design, doors design and also wall design. The material of glasses is used for the first and second floor. The other material used to make this concept is using bricks. The bricks are used to make wall. Partial use of glass walls and some others use bricks.

This house is called as Minimum House because the size of this house is not large. So, the simple design is used to make this house. The interior design of this house is also using minimalist design. The interior design of this house is using bright color such as white color.

Building this house using this concept is easy to be done. The difficulty is only choosing the interior design. You should be creative to choosing the interior used in the contemporary house design plans in the minimalist house.

Image By : Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten

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