Luxurious Contemporary Residence with Indoor Pool Applied

Here you are facing an article about contemporary residence that can be found in Johannesburg, South Africa. Well, you shall see some pictures about the project of Nico Van der Meulen. The analyzes of the pictures will be available.

In the first picture, you are facing the house’s appearance. You know, the house design here is just magnificent with complicated but super deluxe style. The exterior of the house applies white and black colors. There is a large grassy yard with architectural garden plants available in front of the house.

The second image is about the house’s facade with an amusing pool with dusty deck tiles. You see there is a construction like a goal of football game. There are some lamps on the construction here. Find also contemporary residence design.

Well, the third picture is about an awesome room available here. You see there is an indoor pool existing here. The flooring design applied uses marble tiles. There are sofa sets available in this room. You can also see dining sets available here. Here you can also find glass panels that can be used to see outside. In the fourth picture, you are still facing the same room but seen from different angle. You see there is a room in the upper floor with glass walls.

In the fifth image, you see the pool design seen from different angle. There are built-in lamps on the floor. You know, the wall available here has nice paneling. It looks like concrete bricks with various grey colors. Well, the last image is about the lounge, dining spot, and also kitchen as well.

The sofa sets here look luxurious with creamy white sofa and seats. It seems the coffee table available is wooden. The dining sets consist of white chairs accompanying dining table. See more things in contemporary residence architecture as well.

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