Luxurious Contemporary Villa with Sophisticated Interior near Mediterranean Sea

Visiting Port Andratx, Mediterranean coastal area, is not complete without staying at contemporary villa. It is the Mallorca Villa that becomes the most visited place of tourists around the world. The location is just perfect beachfront view as long as you can see. The luxury exists in its architectural building especially in its interior design. It offers high comfort for you during vacation. Invite your beloved people or your lover here to spend the beautiful moment together.

It is like a dream living in this place even for a while. The main reason of loving it is because of its contemporary villa interior design. You must be speechless at the very first time entering the house. Two leveled building pampers you with high class facilities.

The setting is just elegant and full of sophistication. See how graceful the rooms; glass windows let you to capture the magnificent outside view clearly. At the first level, you can enjoy the natural view from indoor or outdoor living room. To feel breezy atmosphere, perhaps, outdoor is preferable.

Experience romantic eating time in the upper floor! There are wooden dining tables purposely for family package. However, that sounds great to have a nice lunch or breakfast with your lover pampered by cool water view. Moreover, this villa also serves wonderful kitchen set made of shiny metal to prepare your meals. All rooms are bright because of the glass materials invading all sides of this building. Hence, the natural light enters the house easier and freer.

Thanks to the natural materials, they succeed turning the interior to be more decorative. This is an excellent way when the furniture looks simple. Marmer flooring is so beautiful decorating the living area such as kitchen and gathering room. For the second level, the floor covered by the rustic wooden floor.

They have good collaboration with monochromatic colors. Of course, the ornaments like flower vase, paintings and fire pit are the elements should be there. By applying contemporary house interior design ideas, this villa has special attraction which is really impressive in the visitor’s heart.

Image By : Marco Richter

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