Luxurious Farmhouse Design which Combines Modernity and Rustic Decoration

Settling in a rural area will be felt when you design your own farmhouse design with large meadow view and ranch. Stock Farm Residence is a project of Locati Architects which was completed in 2010. The concept of this house is to revive the rural culture by designing a beautiful village house.

This concept is applied in both interior and exterior style. From the exterior, the siding is applying the random trimmed mountain stones. The varied stone colors can increase the natural view of the exterior as it is combined with the green garden and yard. The addition to the façade is the design of the front door which is also shows its rustic identity.

Going inside to the house, the design of the house maintains its rural identity. However, there is a lot of improvement to the casual farmhouse interior design. This house is applying luxurious concept as the furniture design looks very lavish and extravagant.

The exposed ceiling beams which become the identity of this house reveal the rural house design. However, this contrast design has created a unique nuance to the interior. The dominant of woods color and the extravagant design of the furniture can create a classy interior style. Moreover, this combination create the warm and cozy design.

The luxurious design of the living room is not only exposed by the leather sofa and a large LED screen but it also supported by the large windows which front the meadow and mountain sight. These large windows can improve the luxury accent since it will allow you to sit at this room and enjoying the pleasing outside environment.

You will not only be pleased with the sight but also the warm of the fireplace. This addition of fireplace is the example of the marriage between luxurious and rural style.

Moving to the kitchen, the combination is even stronger. The glass table top looks very nice combined with the bold and strong table frame. The modern kitchen set is also brilliant for the farmhouse interior decorating ideas since the modern style which looks very lively combined with the rural style.

Image By : Locati Architects

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