Luxurious Geometry House with Golden Light

Formwerkz Architects has designed a geometry house in Singapore. Located in a tropical country, this house is bringing the open living concept and also combining both luxurious style and natural elements. This project that is known as Origami House contains three level floors with an entertainment space on the basement. This house has from several elements that suitable for tropical house such as woods, concrete, and glass with additional stones elements for the decorations.

From the outside, this house looks really luxurious at night because of its dramatic lighting that support both glamor and romantic nuances. Because of its geometry house design, this house completes the exterior with geometrical ornaments that are patched on the upper wall side.

The luxurious designed is also obvious from its curved golden wall at the entrance that reflect the yellow lighting and make it looks luminous. Covered by wooden hedges, this house has a paving block outdoor garage in front of the building that could suit for three cars.

Spiral stairs are placed inside the luminous golden curved wall. The stairs have white wall with supple curved handles that are also painted in white. The stairs use trellis steel steps with spaces that will make the stairs look bright and spacious.

Other stairs that placed in another side of this house has different style. It has geometric turn with glass handles and white wooden wall side. With natural wooden steps, this stairs placed beside the oblique wooden floor in front of glass wall that make the stairs bright of sunlight.

Because of its concept that is bringing the open living and natural, one of the bathrooms in this house has also natural theme. It uses black stone wall and dark sandstone tiles floor with ornamental plants in pots that placed at the corners.

It has hollow wooden beams ceilings that make the sunlight could richly flood inside the bathroom. Besides designing a house plan with natural accents, the designer also applied the same nuances in the outdoor pool area on ground floor, it has floral pattern tiles flooring that is surrounded by leafy tropical plants on the other side.

Image By : Formwerkz Architects

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