Luxurious Hotel Design with Amazing Courtyard and Swimming Pool

If you love doing vacation, you have to notice about the hotel design. This design will affect your mood when staying at the hotel. Hotel decoration both interior or outdoor should be comfortable. Hotel facilities are another important matter. If you are a hotel owner, you have to consider those things too. The easiness of the visitor is the main point. Service is what hotel gives for its guest.

Staunch Vorster Architects also created a design that has location on coastal contour in Mauritius. Then, interior design is arranged by Keith Interior Design. They make a good collaboration in decorating the design between for room or outdoor leisure space. This building has high ceiling design. Windows and doors are constructed in tall design. Wooden material becomes the frame of the windows. This hotel design interior has modern and comfortable design.

Hotel has courtyard surrounded by some hotel buildings. At this courtyard, there are many of palm trees. These tall trees make a good outdoor decorations for the hotel’s environment. Wood exteriors are used to decorate some part of the walls. We have to see the interior too. This interior is designed in luxurious concept. Glass chandelier is located at the center of the room. This lamp will be sparkling at night or dark times.

Every room is designed in comfortable decorations. Sofas lie at some parts of the hotel. The cafetaria has modern design. White tables and chairs decorating the room in grey interior. Pendant lamps are installed on the ceiling. This house also has open room design where we can enjoy the breathtaking sea scenery.

We can also relax in a good weather or windy days. Room is decorated in fresh colors. Green, orange, and white blend to accompany you while sleeping. There is outdoor swimming pool with sofa and lounge chairs too. These hotel interior design ideas are really comfortable to stay in.

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