Luxurious Modern Apartment Interior in Peace and Calm with Soft Colors

The interior of modern apartment always has special attraction through its characteristics. Available designs are adjusted to the need of urban life which is modern and simple. People living there keen on everything in practical use. However, the aspect of aesthetics should be considered as well to build the atmosphere. It doesn’t leave the outside view to come into your place. Such a case is really a dream home that everybody wants to. Here, you can find this beauty in Warsaw Duplex.

Entering this apartment, the luxury appears on the natural elements that invade every single nook. Soft palette colors makes you feel so comfort and secure. They are getting bold from the darker accent to enliven the ambience.

This modern apartment interior by Hola Design stands out the characteristics inside the house with modern minimalist style. The team takes the advantages from its spacious living space to set the furniture and decoration freely. But they still left some parts empty to avoid bulky room and to give rest for our mind.

The details are very awesome. Since at the first time, your sight will never move to the materials to construct this installation. Going to the upstairs, shiny metal balustrade is just full of sophistication with zigzag pattern. Such metals also come up in lighting fixtures hanged on the wall in the upper room.

They look balance with wooden floor and other furniture in natural colors. For wall designs, they are colored in white while the other side of living area is in palette with geometrical patterns. The beauty is completed by fabulous chandeliers; so brilliant and powerful.

The busy job makes you so frustrating sometimes. Moreover, living in the big city, you can’€™t escape from the noisy street and crowded area. This interior design offers you to enjoy your life better.

Just get relaxed thanks to the great placement of the furniture as well as the room divisions. Fortunately, the architects also use open layout plan for the main area. It is very helpful to free us in doing daily activities. These modern apartment interior design ideas may inspire your own home.

Image By : Hola Design

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