Luxurious Modern Home with Transparent Feature

Residing in a modern home would be such a blessing, especially if the house is located in a secured area. The house we are about to look at is located in Nordelta, Tigre, an elite region in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. The house was designed by Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos for a client who wish to collaborate the luxurious and comfortable living. As a result, the architects have managed to create the house which spoils the residents with the beauty of its building as well as its surrounding views.

The front part of the house is not surrounded by high fence. However, it is still secure enough to park your Audi in the front part of your house. This modern home design does not really have a closed car park. Instead, it utilizes a car porch, giving a freer access for the residents to park their car. The front part of the house is also equipped with modern garden which looks contrasts to the wooden panels employed to cover the front facade.

The House Ef has two stories comprising the house. The first floor is utilized as the center of activity room. It consists of a kitchen and dining, living room, as well as a family room. The front part of the house is equipped with a small pavilion given for the house’s butler. In the second level of the house, we can find one master bedroom and three other bedrooms. The bedroom is also equipped with modern bathroom.

Furniture employed inside the house emphasizes on the touch of luxury as it employs the combination of marble and also wooden materials. The kitchen, for example, uses wooden counters and marble wall cover. Wooden slats could also be found in the stairs’ side as it also serves as a balusters. This modern home design ideas also employ marble to cover the bathroom entirely.

Image By : Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos

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