Luxurious Private House Design Built in Modernity Style

The concept of luxurious private house design likely becomes the style in this modern era. This concept is also applied by GM Arquitectos in the project named GM1 House. The project is done in Colombia and finished in 2011. The final product of this project is beautiful in its clean white exterior paint.

The futuristic shapes which form this building have increased the modern nuance of the design. In exposing the modernity, the glass wall and doors are applied on the second floor. The integration of clean white color and glass wall looks very brilliant since it can create the harmonious look with the entire modern concept.

To enliven the white tone exterior, green garden is landscaped on the house courtyard. This lively looks is even more pleasing with the refreshing swimming pool beside the main building. The tanning chairs are also decorated the swimming pool with their black tone.

Before going deeper to the private house interior design, the illuminating welcome is coming from the room adjacent to the swimming pool. This room is very brilliant since it applies large sliding doors which can be hidden completely beneath the wall of the next room. This idea can make this living room functions as the open area when the family need more fresh air to room.

The interior design of this wonderful marked by the selected furniture which can increase the modern accent to the house. The modern look is really exposed by the living room which applies a futuristic sofa as the point of interest.

The half-circular style with white, cyan and grey accent looks very futuristic and attractive. The addition of two seats with similar accent also enriches the room with its modern mode. Moreover, the room looks more illuminating with its built-in ceiling lamps and pendant lamps.

However, the bright design is the core of modern looks of this house. You will never find dull and plain furniture when you go inside the house. The house interior paint ideas also uplift the modern looks since it can improve the illumination of the house.

Image By : GM Arquitectos

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