Luxurious Seafront Resort Providing Golf Resort and Spa Hotel

A seafront resort always offers a scenic panorama of the sea that becomes a choice to spend holidays for the guests. A resort that is located in Balchik, Bulgaria is that kind of resort that faces a wonderful view of the Black Sea.

This Lighthouse Golf Resort & Spa Hotel is situated on the coast of the Black Sea. Designed by Ian Woosnam, this luxurious hotel has so many facilities to offer such as golf course, spa facility, outdoor swimming pool, and also indoor swimming pool and the transportation to the beach by using shuttle. All of those facilities are free for the guests of the hotel.

The hotel looks so magnificent with its curved shape that includes an outdoor swimming pool along with its patio tanning chairs that placed between the hotel and the swimming pool. Across the swimming pool, there is some gardens that is adjacent to a big golf course and then this seafront beach resort show the beach of the Black Sea

Moving inside the hotel, we will be provided by the neat and elegant look of the hotel. The restaurant has black and white color theme. A lot of dining furniture set that has black color of dining chairs and dining tables. They are adorned with white table cloth and white napkin placed on top of them.

The black dining set combined with the black backdrop. The ceiling has bright white color similar with the color of the concrete poles that support it. The existence of so many huge windows, that is decorated with big curtains hung from the ceiling down to the floor, bring the perfect shade of sun light inside the restaurant.

The spa room is so beautiful with its wooden floor and the walls painted in the similar color scheme. There are some parts of the walls that have white color and show its finished brick materials. The dim but ample light provided by the shade of sun light comes from the huge windows that are covered in white curtains. The light also comes from many ceiling lamps in this room. This seafront beach and garden resort also has indoor swimming pool and many other features that will always stun us with its luxurious and elegant design.

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