Luxury Classic Facade that Emitting the Elegance

The classic facade of the home can be good choice for designing the home exterior. The classic frontage emits the elegance to the entire of the home. The brown color domination with white line is very elegant. The combination of brown and white in the facade represent powerful classic design.

The classic design from the midcentury design is impressive. The classic design emits the warmth to its environment. The triangle shape roof represents the characteristic from the midcentury design. The artistic ornament in the top roof is very elegant. This ornament increases the elegance of the facade home design.

The classic facade design gives more impressive design than the modern design. It can be happen because the classic frontage has more ornamented design. The ornament design of the facade design gives texture sense in the room design. The decorative facade is more impressive and elegant.

The window design of the classic frontage is different from the modern home facade. The window in the classic frontage is arranged by small size and has different size in every window. The window that is applied in the facade depends on the texture design of the facade.

Each window in the facade is designed by white framed design. The white framed window looks interesting. The white framed on the brown background is very adorable. The white framed window is striking in the brown background. The blue roof color and chic paint wall is very wonderful. The greenish plants in the court yard increase the elegance design of the facade look. The green trees give natural atmosphere in the facade of the home. The natural atmosphere can balance the classic design of the facade.

The small stair way in the facade give more classic design in the facade. The artistic design of the stair also help the owner to get easy enter to the home. The classic house facade design gives different nuance in the home design.

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