Luxury Coastal House for Your Own Paradise

This luxury coastal house is suitable for pleasure seeker like you. The combination of the stunning design and the awesome view brings pleasure for you. This residence can be a perfect paradise for you. Do you want to know more about this residence? Read this article to find interesting facts about this place.

This beach house has luxury architecture which can be the best place for you in your holiday. It also has many interesting facilities. We can find bowling area, mini theater, and awesome swimming pool. What amazing coastal house design! The bowling area has four bowling line which can be perfect to held mini match between you and your friends. This bowling area looks awesome with glass sliding doors which face to the garden view. It also has many ceiling lamps with yellow light that bring elegant atmosphere into this room.

The mini theater room also looks awesome with its interior architecture. It has semi round room with fourteen seat. It has cozy blue armchair as a seat. This room is decorated with brown carpet which brings warm atmosphere into the room. The wooden wall also creates luxury design of this room. It can be the best entertaining place for you and your family. It is also can be perfect for movie freak like you. So, are you interesting about this beach house resort?

The last is the design of the swimming pool which looks so awesome. It has swimming pool which is blend with the garden. This swimming pool is set in the first floor. Even this pool also has mini waterfalls which look so gorgeous. The pool which is situated in the second floor also has glass floor. This makes the swimming pool design looks so pretty awesome! Overall, do you want to add this contemporary coastal house design into your list?

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