Luxury Expensive Home Plans for Your Awesome Weekend Vacation

Do you want to see these expensive home plans for your weekend vacation? This place looks so fantastic with the luxurious architecture. This house is set near the hill and surrounded by the green tropical garden. This marvelous residence also has perfect balcony that has infinity pool. Is that awesome for your relaxing place? The combination of gorgeous interior and pretty furniture also makes you and your family gets the unforgettable holiday experience.

This wonderful residence consists of two floors. It also has large wooden balcony that faces the garden and the hill panorama. This large balcony makes this place suitable for your barbeque party. You also can find two white beach chairs and combine with white beach umbrella. This place also has infinity pool that looks so pretty. Look how stunning these most expensive home plans! Two beach chairs which are available in the side of the pool also can be your relaxing spot for your weekend.

This house interior looks stylish with the combination of black and white color. This fancy house has black marble floor and combine with white wall. This home also has gorgeous glass sliding doors that make this residence has an open area. You can discover grey fur carpet in the center of the room. Above this carpet are available white couches and two white chairs. Imagine how wondrous this place! In the middle of the living room space is set glass coffee table which is perfect for your coffee time.

You also can discover fabulous dining space in this residence. The dining space is added next to the living room. It has long table in the middle of the dining area. This black table combines with eight black chairs with metal legs. Above this table are hung modern ball pendant lamps that look so stylish for the interior design. Overall, what do you think of these most expensive homes floor plans for your weekend vacation?

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