Luxury Hotel Interior of ME London Hotel

Amazing hotel interior of a famous ME London Hotel in London, England will make you get amazed of its impressive interior design. The marvelous interior design applied by Foster + Partners towards this fascinating hotel is very exciting for the hotel guests. First time we step our feet on the foyer of this English hotel, we will directly entering the lobby that consists of many lobby furniture cozy white sectional sofas for waiting room with some glossy black coffee tables in front of them.

The wall art on the grey wall of this lobby is made of LED lights that construct certain sparkling abstract patterns or lines. The floor is using glossy black marble which reflect the nice reflection of the amazing wall art there. A unique hotel interior design in this lobby is dominated with the look of the stunning ceiling there which presents certain patterns of the sparkling triangles on above.

After we reserved a room for sleep over there, we enter the hotel room with adorable interior design which is dominated with bright white color scheme. White bedding concept with white furniture is the main concept of the hotel room. Beautiful bay windows with white sectional sofas are such best place for enjoying the downtown scenery which can be seen through this amazing hotel spot.

Feel so bored of staying on the hotel room with chic interior design? You can go to the fabulous hotel facilities provided by this luxury English hotel that will comfort you with many hotel services. The dining space with elegant and luxury interior design will be a nice place for having dinner with family, friends, or spouse.

Sparkling pendant lamps are hanged on the ceilings on this dining space for giving warm lighting concept. The black and white color scheme there makes the dining space of this hotel looks so gorgeous. This luxury English hotel gives us boutique hotel interior design ideas and inspirations that will enrich our knowledge in hotel interior design.

Image By : Foster + Partners

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