Luxury Modern Residence for Comfortable Living

The modern residence is a dream for many people. The contemporary residence which gives comfortable living with modern design and completes facilities is very impressive. One of the contemporary residences that are giving comfortable living is Branksome. This home has been designed by Tim Davies Landscaping in Perth, Australia.

The home is designed by bold design. Cube house in the exterior design is very impressive. This design represents a strong modern home design. From the facade, the glass windows decoration looks in asymmetrical design. The bare brick and the dark glass give different nuance in the facade of the home.

The architect gives big attention in the garden layout beside the home. The modern residence designs are created by beautiful garden surround it. The footpath beside the home look more amazing with lush green garden surrounds it. Some unique plants are placed in every corner in the garden.

The unique plants give special nuance in the home exterior design. Many types of plant can be found along the footpath from the main entrance to the door. The designer actually designs this footpath by the plant to give strong natural atmosphere to the owner when he walks from the outside to enter the home.

In the backyard there is a beautiful swimming pool. This swimming pool is also surrounded by beautiful plant garden. To increase the elegance of the garden, the designer put an artistic decoration in the center of the garden.

This decoration makes an anchor in the garden, so we can’t be bored when we enjoy the garden. In the edge of swimming pool are completed by exotic garden lamp. The garden lamp that shines from the land surface gives special atmosphere to the backyard. The plant that is surrounded the swimming pool become more beautiful and elegant.

The artistic garden lamp is very useful for decorating a garden. Especially in the night, the garden plant become look shine and looks so beautiful. The modern residence interior designs have to be designed by elegant design to create balance between the interior and exterior design.

Image By : Tim Davies Landscaping

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