Magical Castle Hotel with Seventeenth Century Look

A travel destination that offers you a majestic feel of the classic era which is mashed up with the comfort provided by the present interior design is well exhibited by this castle hotel in Casacanditella, Italy. The hotel is actually a remodeled castle project that was built under Castello di Semivicoli houses project.

Completed in 2010, Italian architecture firm named Oriano Associati Architetti has renovated this hotel by maintaining its original characteristics. The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries looks of this building majestically embraces its green landscape.

The exterior look of this castle hotel Europe is mainly expose its rough walls texture since the walls are constructed from old bricks. The walls adorned with distinctive extended brick wall decor that surround each of its windows. It enhances the baronial looks of the house. The pale color tone of the walls get a warm ambience that comes from some wall lamps attached on them. Those exterior wall lamps give dim illumination that beamed up the sky by lining the exterior walls.

The inside look of this castle lobby is filled with neutral color tone that is generated from the grey wall finishing. However the building poles that are adjoined in arched shape with its ceiling have soft blue color that expose the nuance of dignity inside the room.

There are walls murals that become the backdrop of the wall from the floor up to the half of the walls. These murals which have brown color scheme exhibit a warm ambience inside the hotel. Combined with the white rug, wooden furniture, concrete tables, this lobby gives a dazzling touch in this old castle.

While some of the rooms inside this remodeled castle have been renovated to serve a more modern look, most of the other rooms still preserve its interior design. The rustic brick walls with a pale white color still filled their interior design. Even so dented on the walls are allowed as what it looks to give the hotel an accent of classic baronial feeling. This project provides a kind of magic castle hotel that will make its guest feel the warm and dazzle of classical architecture.

Image By : Oriano Associati Architetti

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