Magnificent Christmas Decor on the Staircase Railing

The joy of Christmas has to be cherished by the use of Christmas decor in your house. The decoration will give us Christmas spirit more and more. Fill your house with beautiful decorations that will give the whole family the Christmas joy and bring happiness in the whole house.

You can put the Christmas decoration in the place inside the house where everyone can see it deliberately. One of the hot spot to put the decorations is on the staircase since it is always big and easily accessed by the whole family.

You can put verdant garland alongside the staircase railing. Combine it with some little lights that will give a beautiful look on your staircase. This one kind of Christmas decor ideas is really recommended for a wooden staircase that has a dark wooden color. The combination of the dark wooden color and the verdant garland decor will create a nuance of splendid appearance.

For a staircase that has a bright white color you may use garland decoration that has a more colorful flower on it to be placed creeping the staircase railing. The colorful flower will looks so vivid on the white backdrop of the staircase. It will create a vibrant atmosphere inside the house. The colorful garland can also be mixed with the presence of little lights that will make it more magnificent in the dim of the night.

If you feel that you are not really into flowery thing, you can make another staircase decoration by applying some beautiful ribbons on the railing. Pick your color correctly that will fits with the color of the interior design and also the color of the staircase. For a dark wooden staircase you may incorporate dark blue ribbons alongside with a green garland creeping on the railing. Those Christmas decor ideas diy will bring the Christmas joy and spirit inside the house.

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