Magnificent Duplex Loft Interior with Minimalist Furniture

Located in Broadway, the Broadway Duplex Loft really has the most magnificent Duplex Loft Interior with its minimalist furniture. Dominated with white color for the interior wall, the interior looks so classy. Moreover, the hardwood floor installation is so authentic with unpolished finishing. Hence, David Hotson Architect really believes that this loft is the best loft design in Broadway.

For the minimalist furniture in living room, the white sectional sofa is applied with black plaited cushion. For the table design, applying square fabric table really fits the interior of the flat. In addition, the small fireplace is installed with similar color to the interior design. The square window of the loft also looks so great because the window is covered with transparent curtain. In addition, the Duplex Loft Interiors really embraces the greatest interior design compared to other interior of modern houses. With similar design, the small dining table is applied between the sectional sofa and spiral stairs.

For the interior wall decoration, applying the abstract wall decal really makes the interior is so perfect. In addition, the interior column really supports the interior structure of the loft house. Near the stairs that connect the second floor, the black room is decorated with wooden bookshelves and wall decoration. The second floor is indeed applied as studying room so that this loft house is very perfect. The grand piano that is placed near the living room looks so lavish with purple chair. The interior design that is dominated with white color is really classy when the interior furniture is so minimalist.

With combination between black color for room and white color for the compartment, the loft really has an astonishing interior. In addition, the grand piano is applied as interior decoration. Hence, this loft house must be so perfect as in the Duplex Loft Interiors Images as follows.

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