Magnificent Modern Hotel Design in Cave

Creating a modern hotel design with the cave nuance will attract people to come and stay in there. Stunning interior of the uneven rock emerges a new experience of living. Digging the rock to create a hotel reveals the different atmosphere when it is combined with modern furniture. Modernity is perfectly blended within it. Comfortable and cozy nuance is revealed with the use of different hotel style.

From the outside, it has an impressive idea from modern hotel design concepts. The nuance brings us to the pasta time when prophets were still alive. Square dominates the building with many wooden doors. The stunning appearance comes when the spotlights on the wall that shines the building at night.

Curved doors in white dominate the entire hotel to connect one room to the other rooms. Dining area is designed between the rocks with white chairs and table. Black marble floor strengthens the modernity by showcasing the contracting color tone. The black floor is also used for the bathroom. It is combined with white toilet and sink for emerging the contemporary atmosphere.

Elegant bedroom is designed within the white rock wall. Woods are used for creating the divan and also the side table that is combined with white chair. Dark bed strengthens the cozy appearance when it blends with the black marble floor. Private area is completed with stunning glazed floor in translucent.

Hung wooden table is used for placing the computer sets that is combined with white modern chair. For giving the refreshing nuance, simple plants are planted in the rock planter. Black and white bathroom is perfectly displayed by using black and white flooring. Indirect lamps strengthen the modern nuance within the old cave.

An astonishing idea to attract people is showcased by this hotel. An innovative style by utilizing the cave to be a living place surely gives a different living experience. Combined with modern interior decoration, this hotel becomes an impressive place that must not be missed. White and black dominate the entire building to showcasing the blending idea between past and modernity. This hotel design concept architecture surely gives you a new experience of living when you are living in there with cave nuance.

Image By : Hotel Basiliani

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