Magnificent Outdoor Swimming Pool from Lewis Aquatech

Lewis Aquatech which is a well-known company that has been built so many house landscape and also outdoor swimming pool offers us a great number of amazing swimming pools. We can see on the picture that one of them is designed with some of its poolside mimic the contour of a natural river.

The artificial river flows to the pool and creating a beautiful view of streams. There is also a small upper level pool that can be the place for enjoying the cold water in the warm of the daylight. This swimming pool is completed with a little garden that adorns this house outdoor area.

The other swimming pool offers a more intricate connection with the nature. It has a cut stone poolside with its diverse natural color. On that poolside there are many patio furniture set equipped with a big outdoor umbrella. There are many wooden sun bathing beds which are accompanied with wooden table. This swimming pool is surrounded with lush vegetation of the shrubs and trees. The outdoor swimming pool designs applied in this swimming pool create a neat and natural look.

You can also find a swimming pool that has an elegant style. The elegant swimming pool also surrounded by dense vegetation. The terrace of the house also extruded to the near of the pool. This terrace is the main feature that makes the swimming pool looks elegant with the incorporated outdoor mini bar on it.

The company also has made an indoor swimming pool that is incorporated inside a luxury house. The sun still can give its light into the indoor swimming pool through the ample glazed walls installed in the room. This swimming pool is a great deal to give you privacy with the enough connection with the nature. The company is not only has an advance skill in creating outdoor swimming pool design ideas but also the indoor one.

Image By : Lewis Aquatech

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