Magnificent Urban Cabin in Medina with Nature Structure

Being in urban cabin with nature structures will lead us to have comfortable living styles. This kind of house is one of the elements that will be found when seeing the cabin located in Medina, Washington, USA. It is a contemporary living space that was created by Suyama Peterson Deguchi to be simply for a couple belonged to. This house was completed in 2012 by applying primitive structure as picnic style and also natural scenes as inspiration.

In this article, we provide some designs included in the photos. The urban cabin decor of this cabin includes the structure construction of concrete, wooden materials, and some modern element design. The house has natural and wonderful scenes.

They includes vast and on lawn with vegetation lush and flowers. There is also an outdoor living area with neutral tiles as flooring and a set of grey seat with wooden couches and a small wooden table. It is located in a closed pergola.

Besides this structure, the interior decoration allows the outdoor views seen from inside. They are designed in complicated and various styles. As in kitchen, they apply long steel counter in two sides as kitchen stuffs placements.

The lighting systems include the table lamps, LED board as cupboard, and also outlining LED lights designs. The other is the look of the bedroom that is situated in great styles. The wall panels are designed as same with other room. They are designed in horizontal striped wooden wall. The furniture applied is a set of white bed with pillows, unique table lamps, and chic golden ornaments.

Well, in this relation with the design of this cabin, we will get the magnificent situation based on the building structure and scenes around. We can get more designs of this cabin by following this lovely inspiration as well as ours.

Image By : Suyama Peterson Deguchi

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