Majestic Creative Home from Shipping Container

The creative home can be created from any materials. One of creative house is designed from shipping container that gives unique design in the modern home style.This unique home has been designed by Ecotech Design in California. This design is very impressive because the material that is used in this project is unusual.

By the creativity of the architect, unused shipping container can be changed into modern and elegant home. This home is constructed from six containers that become each part in the home. Besides using unused shipping container for constructing the house, this house also used solar panel energy to accommodate the electricity inside the home. The architect really gives big attention in eco-friendly home construction.

This creative home concepts use two levels that is each level is created from shipping container. The architect has designed the container as elegant as possible so we can’t suppose that the home is constructed from containers. The architect gives huge window design in the facade of the home.

The huge glass window in the facade let the sunlight enter inside the home. This window aims inside the home keep on bright condition. It is a wise decision that can keep the energy consumption in the daylight. There is big water container in the outside. This water container is useful for heating water in the day. This is creative idea for saving the energy consumption.

Located on the desert in California make the home receives much sunlight in the day. The designer uses this benefit for creating eco-friendly energy consumption. The designer applies the solar panel in the roof of the home. This solar panel changes the sunlight into electricity that accommodates the home electricity consumption. It is good idea for designing a modern home design complete with modern technology that can keep the energy consumption.

The creative house is very impressive because it is created from amazing idea from the architect. Constructed by eco-friendly design make the home has strong modern design and technology that is applied in the home. The architect use creative concepts home improvements for constructing this amazing house.

Image By : Ecotech Design

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