Majestic Waterfront House in Contemporary Design

One of the most beautiful houses with front yard is waterfront house. Unlike the other houses that build a pool in the back yard, the designer for this house built the pool in the front yard. The Highbury House in Queensland, Australia, was using the concept of the pool in front of the house combine with majestic building.

Take a look at the picture! That picture is showing the front view of The Highbury House. We can clearly see the majestic white building through the photo. The main point of waterfront house design is on the front yard that contains a big pool, small garden, and some beach chairs.

There is a pathway on the side of the front yard that will lead you to the entrance. Since this house is a big house, you can find spacious terrace around the house with some greenery as the decoration. The stone floors and stone walls that were used as the exterior design are match with the greenery around the house and the contemporary house design.

This two stories house divided into living area in the first floor, and private area in the second floor. The living area has living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen. This majestic house has high-ceiling concept and open-living concept.

We can see many windows in every place in the house; we can also get fresh air thanks to the high ceilings. Unlike the outside view with contemporary style, the design and furniture inside the house are using modern style. There are even some art products such as art panting.

In the second floor, the private area, we will find so many rooms. This floor has total 5 bedrooms with 7 bathrooms. Such a big house, right? One of the beautiful scenery that can be seen from the second floor is yacht in Sanctuary Cove. It’s all thanks to modern waterfront house design for using transparent windows.

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