Marvelous Curved Sectional Sofa with Fractional Shape for Limited Indoor Area

The medium curved sectional sofa can save your area because the shape is not elongate. Since it is flexible, it can be placed in the middle as shown in the first picture, or in the corner. The ivory white sectionals are equipped with tender backrest and throw pillows. To make it bright, the simple black floor lamp also adds the lighting effect. On the white ceiling color, antique white fan hangs and it will not be recognize because the color is the same with the ceiling.

The small long sofa also fit for them who single and stay alone in their house. Faux stone walls are joined with the solid white wall color and the grand grayish curtains also decorate it. The rounded furry carpet is matches with the small white curved sofa set.

Red velvet circular long sofa is very wonderful inside the grayish interior decor. Some colorful throw pillows are integrated on it. For you who have wide living room, the dark brown sectionals with chaise can be very nice. Moreover if your adorned it with deluxe decor; stylish chandelier, grand curtains, and artistic carpet. If you want to place outdoor curved sectional sofa, the white leather beside is not fit. Because it will be easy to get dirty and leather material is not durable in the outdoor area.

Another velvet material is shown in the half circular sofa with sectional below the white color. Rounded glass table is suitable with the curve design on the sofa. Modern apartment will be very captivating with the light grey corduroy sofa sectionals. Beside the grey seat, the dark brown single sofa with small ottoman is placed.

The large white sofa with three seats is suitable for the contemporary interior decor. Below it the same white color in small curved sectional sofa can make the living room wider.

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