Marvelous Urban House Found in Manhattan

Now, you are going to read an article talking about an urban house that was designed by Paul Rudolph. You shall find this project in New York, USA, exactly in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Well, there are some descriptions describing some pictures of this project.

First, here you can see some part of the building here. There are some glass constructions applied in the building part here. You know that this building part looks gorgeous and very appealing with red bricks applied nicely as well. There is a patio with grey surface.

Here you can see leaves of the trees near with the building. Well, you can see the second image. There are some metals applied as the paneling with the glass panels here. Here you can see the complication of the paneling applied in the building. See also urban house designs.

The third image shows you how the paneling design looks so gorgeous. The combination of metal constructions and glass constructions creates awesomeness. On the bottom part, you shall find a garage with amusing door. There is a door to get in as well. In the fourth image, you shall see a statue in a certain spot of the house. This artistic statue exists amongst bamboo trees here. From the angle here, you can see the interior of the building through the glass panels here.

Well, you can see an amazing room of the house building. Awesome wooden floor is available in this room. There is a set of light brown stairs applied here. This room is such a glorious room with white interior. The last picture gives you storage with many items put. Here you can see the statue talked about through the large glass panel available. There are pictures with some characters as well. Find out urban home designs to find more ideas.

Image By : Paul Rudolph

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