Mesmerizing Modern Residence with Traditional Facade

This modern residence uses the classic accent of the traditional facade at the front. This facade perfectly hides the wonderful contemporary living place behind it. Stunning nuance of this modern home surely pleases the owner with its glamorous decoration. Spacious backyard is perfectly completed with the spacious interior to convey the owner.

White color theme dominates this residence to reveal the modernity. Combined with some natural materials, this house offers the wonderful life in perfection. Compact interior decoration is revealed in modernity by bringing the elegant accent from many elegant colors.

Contrasting idea of the modern residence designs is showcased with awesome traditional facade at the front. Simple courtyard is perfectly framed by the classic garage of white concrete pillars and black metal fence around. Classic facade is constructed in white accent with any classic windows and black roof tiles. The modernity that is hidden behind this facade gives the perfection.

Large area accommodates the wonderful backyard with elegant swimming pool with translucent glazed fence. Marble is used as the floor and also the curved pool lounge. Framed by the glazed wall, this becomes a perfect place to enjoy the backyard. Glazed wall is decorated along the building to reveal the enjoyable appearance when it is combined with solid concrete building construction. Long table with simple chairs are placed beside the green grass.

Wooden floor within the residence strengthens the warm nuance of the glazed wall around. Living room uses the simple black and white sofas with black shelf. Kitchen in elegant design allows the white cabinets to be combined with black marble kitchen table. Dining area in white table and chairs showcases its existence elegantly.

Marble in red is used to build the bathroom. It is used to create the floor and the sink countertop. White wall decoration strengthens the elegant outlook when the wall mirror reflects the vision. Spacious private room gives the convenient area. White wall surrounds this area. Grey carpet as the wall is perfectly blended with single grey sofa. At the white wall, the modern fire place is designed in the middle of the white hung shelves.

The idea of combining the traditional accent within the modern home surely brings the wonderful building construction. The traditional facade that is applied by this residence really surprises the people that behind this house the stunning modern home design. The curved pool lounge is the other stunning decoration.

The fascinating living experience is completed with the modern interior decoration in bright nuance. White color accent that is brought surely strengthens the elegant outlook in modernity. This house successfully showcases the one kind of modern house designs with impressive traditional accent of classic facade.

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