Metropolitan Modern Interior in a Prestigious Exterior

The beautiful combination between modern interior and contemporary house is shown by the YAK10. This house is taking place in a developing city in Southeast Asia named Bangkok in Thailand. The advanced metropolitan culture has brought the house into a spacious living place in a very modern design both outside and inside.

The elegant facade will be your introduction before you are welcome to the inside of this contemporary house. The neutral look in the gradation of black and white has provided the house with classy appearance that hide something prestigious inside.

In line with its prestigious outside, the interior of this house also assemblies the luxurious details by which the modernity nuance is shown. The living room, for instance, is the glamor space in which you can enjoy the enlightened and cozy living space.

The modern interior design which is decorated by white sofa, couch and coffee table will provide you with enjoyable time when you can feel the expansive area with the glass wall and high ceiling. The green yard is also available for you since the glass wall will not limit your sight in enjoying this refreshing view.

Furthermore, the classy kitchen design is also provided in this house. In contrast with the domination of darker color of the outside, the kitchen of this house has been designed in the homogeneous bright and white to by which you can enjoy the cleanness which looks neutral to your mind.

The glass wall and glass doors are two parts which contribute to the cleanness of this house. The bright view which is available anywhere in this house has been given a lot of contribution to the perfection of the interior. The practical wood flooring also improves the elegance of this modern dwelling. It creates the right accent which can enliven the warm tone of the house. The modern furniture and house appliances are also examples of modern interior design ideas that enhance the integrity of modern living space.

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