Mild Modern Hotel Design Presenting Sophisticated Architecture

Refugia Hotel has modern hotel design designed by Mobil Arquitectos. This hotel is situated in Dalcahue, Los Lagos Region, Chile. Regarding to its location, in Chile, the question come across in mind at once is, does this hotel have Latin America design in its design.

The question can be easily answered by have a look at the interior design of Refugia Hotel. Well, actually, this modern hotel is built on 1,250 square meters in the prosperous biodiversity of Wetlands. The predominate thing here is the use of extensive glass facades and wooden-clad ceilings. Those confirm the connection to the natural environment surrounded.

The architect who has this project, Mobil Arquitectos, has modern hotel design ideas which are realized in Refugia Hotel. Refugia Hotel has gallant look in its exterior design. It looks like putting railway gate on the top of your house. Yea, the unique design of the hotel can attract everyone who looks at this hotel at the first sight and they will make reservation as soon as possible.

Yea, the use of glass materials actually is beneficial since it gives high transparency and glass materials can trap heat so you will feel cozy inside. Besides that, the use of large glasses can allow sun light to lighten up the room without felt hot inside.

Refugia Hotel also takes advantages of the use of other nature elements such as woods, bricks, and stones. All those materials are eco-friendly materials. Natural feeling can be clearly felt inside. It comes from the choice of furniture. This modern hotel has hardwood floor that can create cozy atmosphere to the room and wooden furniture that create elegant interior design. It is then beautified by stylish pendant lamps in the form of egg nest.

There are many more side of the room that has amazing look in this modern hotel. All is still using natural concept. With all of its luxury, Refugia Hotel can be the most modern hotel in the world providing for anyone who needs natural living.

Image By : Mobil Arquitectos

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