Minimalist Artistic Decor for Your Small Living Space

If you only have a small lot for your living space, do not be worry since the artistic decor application inside your house still can make it looks so fantastic. This stunning home ornamentation has successfully applied by Kvartal Studio Group in designing a small residence for a young family. This dwelling place which situated in Odessa, Ukraine, is relatively compact but still delivers the warm atmosphere.

Look at the living hall that is so minimalist by displaying the simple design of fabric sectional sofa in broken white tone. This furniture then furnished with light and dark grey cushions that are functioned as the backrest of the sofa. Two units of black spot lamps are arranged attached to the white painted ceiling as the room illumination, particularly in the night.

The rooms also beautifies with artistic decor ideas of black and white chandelier that makes the living space looks more adorable. You will not feel cold while you are there since the furnace can make you warm through its woods combustion.

When we step into the dining space and kitchen area we may deliver a mid rustic impression from its room ornamentation. The blonde varnished ceiling looks so beautiful when it is combined with unfinished stone wall. Nonetheless, the furniture applied is still in contemporary design that consists of black kitchen island with blonde wooden bar stools, blonde kitchen cabinet, black painted dresser, wide dining table along with its black dining chairs.

To reach the second story of the house, you have to climb the spiral wooden staircase with light brown varnished woodsy foot step. This stairs area is adorned with the artistic communal pendant lamp and family photograph in black and white mode. It is a good idea for you to provide a special black wall that may be written with colorful chalk. These artistic home decor ideas can create a unique dining space impression, exactly like done by this dwelling place.

Image By : Kvartal Studio Group

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