Minimalist Industrial Interior for Small Apartment

You have to see a beautiful building conversion with industrial interior style that can catch your attention right away. Brian & Kerry were two people that changed an ordinary building into a comfortable apartment. When you come inside to the apartment room, then you can see beautiful interior with everything inside that can pamper your vision. Now, let us see the first room of the apartment that can bring you to the modern industrial era.

The main concept of the apartment is industrial interior design. You will see modern industrial concept that can open your eyes widely. This main concept is creative and out the box, so you will never feel boring inside the house. The corner living room’s picture will start your journey to this apartment. You will find modern wallpaper design at the living room. There is L-shape black sofa under the window and modern beige chair with aluminum cantilever.

The next room in the picture is the master bedroom. You can feel the industrial atmosphere in this bedroom. The black iron balcony-covers right beside the bed expresses the industrial main concept in this bedroom. When you go to the bathroom, then you will see simple bathroom design without something special. You only can see brick tile flooring, mosaic tile walls, and floating sink mats. After you see the bathroom, then you should go to the kitchen and dining area.

The kitchen shows you minimalist kitchen design with white kitchen set color. You will find minimalist acrylic bar stools completing the kitchen area. Look up to the ceiling at the kitchen room and you will see white iron plank on the ceiling. The dining area is located at the corner of the main living area. There is glazed dining table with four modern barrel chairs in white color. This is can be one of the most beautiful industrial interior design apartments that you can see.

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