Minimalist Modern Architecture in Cubicle House Design

Nowadays, modern architecture is popular. Many people adore this design because it looks up to date and stunning. The design of the house makes it cozy as a living place. It can be the best place for your future residence. Read this article for more reviews about this modern house design.

This residence has cubicle shape and looks so fancy. White color is dominated this interior design. The high ceiling makes the residence interior seems so enormous. These modern architecture styles are exist in the entire rooms. It also has huge glass windows which has black frames.

You can see cozy brown couch in the living space. It is combined with two black single sofas. The brown couch set against the wooden TV cabinet in front of the white wall. This cabinet has open drawers that are very multifunction. Look how great your living space!

In the side of the living room you can find kitchen space. It has white glossy kitchen cabinet which is stick to the white wall. The white kitchen island is available in front of the kitchen cabinet. It also has wooden decoration on its side. Look how exotic your kitchen area.

The kitchen island is featured with white metal bar chairs. The dining area is available in front of the kitchen area. It has long wooden table which is combined with white chairs. You also can put a bulb pendant lights to beautify the dining area.

The other part of the house that seems so wonderful is the bathroom. It can make you want longer bathing time. The bathroom has grey granite floor and wall. In the other side you can find glass shower room. In front of it is set wooden cabinet with white bathroom sink. The frameless mirror also helps the bathroom looks spacious. Do you want to add these modern residential architectural styles into your future house list?

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