Minimalist Modern Home on Uneven Terrain

House in Eifukucho is the name of the modern home we are about to see. The name has already indicated where this house is. The house is located in Tokyo, Japan. Since there is only a small space available for the house, the architects build a three level building with purports to support the household’s interests. The architects employed to finish this house comes from a highly reputable firm called the Upsetters Architects.

From the outer part of the house, we can see that the house employs rustic fence design. The fence is create out of bricks and stone which has rustic impression. The house itself, however, employs concrete wall and ceramic which has grey stone color.

The transparent facade is also employed in the third floor of this modern home design. The ground floor is utilized as garage, entrance, bedroom and storage. The first floor is for kids room and main activity room. Meanwhile the upper part of the house is for penthouse.

The house’s entrance is located close to the storage room. However, the entrance has a beautiful modern design as emphasized by the glass facade. The facade gives a see through impression towards anyone who wish to enter the house.

Placing stairs only inside this room is kind of waste of spaces. Therefore, the residents decided to employ several cabinets which can be useful to place books or decorations inside the entrance hall. The cabinets used is made out of wooden furniture.

The entrance hall has a wooden stairs as supported by steel beams which would lead us to the upper part of the house. The first floor employs ceramic tile. It places L-shaped sofa with small back support on the living room. The sofa is also accompanied by fur rug.

The first floor also has a kitchen which utilizes white kitchen counters. This level receives natural light from transparent glass window as well as the transparent ceiling. The modern home design ideas places the dining room in the corner of the first floor.

Image By : Ohnmacht Flamm Architekten

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