Modern Bachelor Home with Minimalist but Awesome Design

Well, have you ever heard about bachelor home? Now you are facing an article talking about this idea. This is about Steve Burns’ Brooklyn bachelor pad designed by Mesh Architecture. There will be some pictures which are going to be described in this article.

Firstly, it is about an area of the home with amazing design applied. You see there is wooden patio available on the courtyard area. From the angle here, you can see glass panels and red-bricked panel available. You can also glance at the room seen from here. It is such an amazing room with modernity applied.

Secondly, here you can notice the room with more distinct view. It is an open room with a lounge and also kitchen applied. This room has amusing sofa sets and also modern kitchen sets. You can find a modern staircase design applied as well in this room. See also bachelor home design.

Thirdly, it seems it is about the paneling of the house’s gate. Blue panel with combination of thin wooden door and also grey panel applied. In front of the paneling here you can see a black pot with plants. Well, the next one is about the room talked about in the second image. Here you can see the room from different angle. There you can see a pendant as well. In this room, you can see a spot like a corridor. You know, the wall in the right side, it is wooden wall.

Well, the fifth image is about the building look from in front. You see the wooden door looks opened. There are outdoor wall lamps existing. Well, this residence is located between two buildings. In the last image, it is about the same room that is already talked about. Here you can see a modern fireplace with thin chimney available. From this spot, you can see the courtyard. Browse bachelor home design ideas as well.

Image By : Mesh Architecture

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