Modern Box House Model for Your Reference

Have you ever thought about modern box house? Well, in this article, you are about to see a project named Rieteilend House. It was designed by Hans van Heeswijk Architecten. You should see the pictures and the descriptions of the project in this article. The house located in Amsterdam, on the island of Ijburg offers you modernity and natural background near city.

Well, the first picture here shows you how the house is designed with box shape. It is seen so from this angle. Here you shall see that the paneling uses concrete material. There are glasses applied as parts of the paneling. This residence looks so nice with its modern design. You see that this building is situated in natural open area. See also box house design.

The second one is about a picture of the building that is seen from an angle that enables you to see a side of the building. Here you can see the house building closer. You see that the house is such an awesome project with contemporary touches seen from the interior design. At the back part of the building, you can see that there is part that looks like an outdoor area as cohesive part of the building. The construction of the back building part looks sophisticated.

The third is about a picture that shows you the full back building part. You see that the building has panels that can make you see the inside things. You will also see rooms inside the building. The angle here gives you a view of water that is like small lake.

The last picture is about an interior of the building. You can see that it is a large room. There are very modern things available. You can see trendy armchairs, metal indoor stairs, a chimney, and others. See more things in box house designs as well.

Image By : Hans van Heeswijk Architecten

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